Dating site Julia Dates – for serious and free relationships

 JuliaDates is the largest site in Russia for people looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. Here you won’t be afraid of the words “sponsors” and “concubines”, because JuliaDates unites people who know exactly what they are looking for in a relationship.

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About 1000 new users join the site every day, so the base is growing rapidly. The main part of JuliaDates male audience is politicians, businessmen, people from show business, i.e. those who can afford to support a woman. In turn the girls – beautiful and ambitious – know what kind of man they want to see near them and know what they can give him in return.

Considering the specifics of the website JuliaDates focuses on security, so all clients, both women and men, can be sure that their privacy is a priority for JuliaDates.

Signing up for JuliaDates

Regardless of gender, you can register for free by entering your having, age, gender and location. You also have the opportunity to tell about your appearance, add your photos and state your objectives for which you have created a profile on the site. You can be looking for a sponsor or significant other, a steady partner, a travel buddy, or a date for an evening out – it all depends on what you want and what you prefer.
registrationJDRegistration takes only a few minutes and gives you instant access to all of the site’s features and the ability to browse and communicate with other members.

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JuliaDates is a place for communication where men and women are looking for a partner who understands their needs and expectations. Basically, the functions of the site are all about introducing you to the right person and giving you a place to connect. And that’s all you need, right?

You can apply basic criteria to find a potential mate such as gender, age, and location or you can be more specific in your search, including their physical appearance (eye and hair color, build, personality type), sign of the zodiac and purpose.
FunctionJDIf you don’t have any specific requirements, you can simply look at the profiles of people who are currently online and those who have just joined the site; maybe you’ll recognize your other half just by looking at their photos.

If you like someone, you have the option of adding him or her to your list of favorites. But more interestingly, you can see who’s added you to your like list and you can also see who’s looked at your profile. If someone shows interest in you, it may be a good incentive to start chatting.

Overall, the messaging chat is very simple and not overloaded with any additional options. The only thing you can send besides a message is a virtual gift.

Ease of use

The obvious advantage of JuliaDates is that all users are aware of what they’re doing here. There’s no need to explain why you register on the site and what kind of relationship format you’re interested in. That’s why communicating here is simple and easy – no one will ask you any inappropriate questions or treat you with prejudice.
GalleryJDIn addition to the fact that the site is almost impossible misunderstanding between users, you will not encounter any technical difficulties: the interface of the site is intuitive and logical. In fact, it is very difficult not to cope with the navigation on the platform, where there are literally 5 tabs. However, in case you have any problems or questions, you can always count on the advice of the support team.

Plus, if you prefer to stay connected 24/7, you won’t be disappointed: JuliaDates offers its customers a handy mobile app that will give you access to the site and your correspondence whenever you want.


When it comes to this specific type of relationship, such as a relationship of convenience, people tend to be more concerned about maintaining an intimate and confidential atmosphere. Obviously, it’s not as easy to maintain when the relationship is built online, where everyone is in plain sight.

JuliaDates puts maximum emphasis on the safety and privacy of their clients. First of all, the administration of the site guarantees that all users are real people who are checked during registration to make sure of their capabilities and intentions. Thus, customers of the site will not waste their time on communication with scammers and fake users.
Интерфейс JuliaDatesBesides, men who search for a concubine may not worry that their wives or girlfriends will somehow find out about the relationship on the side: they won’t be able to trace the use of JuliaDates or get access to the correspondence of her husband with another woman because all data on the site are encrypted. Therefore, adultery can only come to light through a man’s own negligence.

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The site is securely protected from outside interference and hacker attacks. All messages are kept strictly confidential, and you have no reason to worry that leaks will happen and that your intimate correspondence will be made public. So it’s not surprising that among JuliaDates clients there are very famous personalities who know that their reputation won’t be compromised.


Registration on the site is free, as is the ability to read and send messages. But you can buy so called “credits” and pay with them for additional services. 25 credits will cost you 1,299 rubles. You can spend them on virtual gifts or to promote your profile on the site.

So, in order to raise your profile to the top and make it more visible to other users, you need to pay for this service for a certain period of time:

Plan Price
3 days 10 credits
7 days 15 credits
14 days 20 credits

In addition to promoting your profile, you can also place your photo in the photo album. The cost of this service is as follows:

Plan Price
3 days 10 credits
7 days 15 credits
14 days 20 credits

JuliaDates is a site for people who evaluate their chances and needs soberly and who know exactly what they want and what they can give in return. If you are not comfortable with a relationship of convenience, you may want to look for another online dating site. But if you are consciously looking for a sponsor or a concubine, then you will not be disappointed.

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This site has a great user base and they are very active and motivated. You will feel this once you sign up and start to notice increased interest in your profile. Thanks to the fact that there are no distractions on the site – videos, games, blogs etc. – You can focus on connecting with people you like and start building a relationship with them on terms that work for both of you. You won’t even have to pay for it, because the service and access to messages won’t cost you a dime. You’ll only have to pay if you want to promote your profile and increase your chances of a successful relationship.

But what’s most important about using JuliaDates is that you can be secure in your reputation and not worry about keeping your little secret safe.