PrivetSecret dating site – for serious and free relationships

 PrivetSecret is a veteran on the Russian market of services to find a relationship. All sponsors and all concubines in Russia have definitely heard about this site at least once. He was the first to openly and fully dedicate himself to this niche. Today the main audience of the site is men and women from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are users from other regions as well.

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Experience is perhaps the only obvious plus of the platform. In all other aspects it significantly loses out to the competition: the user base has a lot of fake accounts, the interface is uncomfortable, the search is superficial, no one has heard of privacy here, but the prices for services are consistently high.

PrivetSecret registration

Initially, you can register on the site for free. Filling out a form, you specify your name, sex, age, place of residence – these items are required. Other than that, you’ll need to decide what you want your profile to be about. It may be a permanent relationship, a one-night stand, traveling together, or seeking or accepting sponsorship. Don’t leave this blank here, as other members need to understand your intentions. If you want, you can also specify your height and weight and tell a little about yourself.
Registration Privet Secret

In general, the questionnaire looks very surface and uninformative. To learn anything about a user, you need to start communicating, and that’s not always so easy when you don’t have the most basic topics to talk about. Plus, when you start a conversation with someone, you never know who is sitting on the other side of the screen. Unauthorized users are one of the most significant disadvantages of the site. And the most problematic thing is that the administrators do not address this issue, but keep encouraging registration under nicknames. For example, there are many users on the site who register not under their names, but under nicknames or even phrases like “Looking for a Mistress” or “One Hundred a Month”.

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Features on Privet Secret

As for the features offered, PrivetSecret doesn’t boast any unique or at least interesting options. The only communication tool is messaging. But the problem of the site is that you can wait forever for an answer to your message: the girls are in no hurry to keep the conversation going.

In addition, the site offers a very basic and superficial search – by gender, place of residence and age. There’s not much else you can do, except to view a list of users who are online at the moment. You can also find out who has looked at your profile in the last 2 weeks. If you don’t want other members to know you’re viewing their profile or that you’re even logged in, you can enable Incognito mode, but you’ll have to pay a fee for it.
Interface Privet Secret

If you need more flexibility and more options for communication, you should look at other platforms. For example, boasts an excellent user base that you can select from a variety of options, making it much easier to find just the right person for you. Additionally, users are more open and approachable.

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Easy to use PrivetSecret site

The design of the site is pretty outdated – no one uses italics in the 2010s, at least self-respecting developers certainly don’t do that. On the first page of the site you can see all the sections in a row – here you can find, and registration, and photos of concubines, and sponsors, and example profiles, and general information for those who are looking for a calculating relationship. With so much information on the site it’s easy to get confused.

The most important thing for the site is to be user-friendly and simple, otherwise users will find alternatives. For instance, those who are not happy with the Privet Secret site’s interface and those who value user-centric design will be more than happy to use here everything is simple and logical, without being overloaded with functions, photos and catchy titles.


Despite the fact that the site administrators are trying to ensure the privacy of their clients they don’t always succeed. The PrivetSecret security system often fails and user data are leaking to the Internet. Do not be surprised if you see your photos on another site and under a different name.
Privet Secret Site

The site cannot boast that all of its users are real. Unfortunately, there are many fake accounts on the platform that serve one purpose – to create an appearance of interest and attention for you. Do you think that all these beautiful girls are texting you? In fact, they’re writing to everyone, and it’s far from certain that they’re even girls.

Given the specifics of the sponsorship relationship, it’s not surprising that potential clients of PrivetSecret’s site may be interested in signing up on a more secure platform. As an alternative they may consider juliadates portal: here they will have an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships, but at the same time not to risk their privacy.


If you’re a man, you’ll have to pay to get in touch with women. For women, on the other hand, this service will remain free. So, for a Premium account a man will pay a certain amount, depending on how long he plans to use the service:

Plan Price
3 days 10$
2 weeks 30$
30 days 50$

In addition, men are limited in the ability to make new conversations: after registering, you can create a total of 15 contacts, for each subsequent contact you must pay 0.30$.

You can also buy additional services. For example, for 700 rubles per month you can activate “Incognito” mode. Or, you can fix your profile in the top-list of profiles for a long time. It will cost you 450 rubles for 2 weeks or 700 rubles for a month. There is another alternative that will help you increase your chances to be seen by thousands of users: you can pay only once to have your profile in the top. For this you need to pay 200 rubles.

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Considering that PrivetSecret is at the origins of a market oriented towards mutually beneficial relationships, it is worth to treat it with respect and understanding. Still, the flaws of the platform speak for themselves.

For example, it’s hard to ignore the annoying and cluttered interface. In general, it does not cause any visible damage, but it is difficult and not very convenient to use the site. In addition, it is difficult not to notice the mass of fake profiles that fill Privet Secret. And it would be OK, you can avoid communicating with scammers, but you have to pay for the services of the site, in particular – for new contacts. And somehow it is not very reasonable to pay for the opportunity to add to your contacts and start a dialogue with another fake.

In general, Privet Secret gives the impression of a site that should have closed long ago and given way to new, more progressive and innovative platforms that can provide their users with a quality base, convenient tools for communication and can guarantee security and confidentiality. After all, PrivetSecret handles these tasks very mediocrely.