Top 5 rules of online dating for relationship development

People of the older generation remember first dates with a smile. Lovers arranged meetings full of charm, romance, bright emotions. Today, compliments replace the likes in social networks. Many prefer to get acquainted by correspondence and video calls. When relationships are taken to a new level, even those who found each other in a non-traditional way, it is necessary to arrange an unforgettable meeting. What is the right way to get acquainted on the Internet? What will make communication easy and relaxed?

Honesty and openness – the key to a pleasant conversation.

If a person has something to hide from a potential lover, there is no way to avoid tension. Sooner or later the mind games end in a total fiasco. Did you like someone on the dating site? There is no need to hide it, to delay the moment of the meeting in real life. Make your intentions known directly.

Honesty is important not only in correspondence, but also on a date. Thanks to openness to yourself and your partner, you can build a reliable long-term relationship. Meetings of lovers should be a pleasure for both of them. If one perceives dating as an obligation or hard work, such a relationship is better to stop immediately.

Internet dating is perceived negatively in society because of the large number of unpleasant cases exactly on first dates. Coming to the park, café and restaurant, many are faced with the fact that they see a completely different person than what was in the profile photo. You can avoid that by registering on trusted and reliable sites.

Focus on your priorities

The online dating has an important advantage – there are no limits on geography or search criteria. Among thousands of accounts, you’re sure to find ones that completely match your life goals and personal tastes. But you can’t forget about the competition. When filling out the page, you need to use honest ways to attract potential partners. Some users neglect this rule. They generously embellish themselves by posting other people’s photos.

Usually, dating sites lie about the parameters of the figure, age. To show themselves in a better light, many use photos from 5-10 years ago, where there is no extra weight and wrinkles. It is impossible to protect yourself 100% from lying. But the risks can be really reduced by joining services, where detailed information, video presentations are required.

Preparing for a meeting: why phone calls are important

Writing on behalf of Lenochka with a figure of 90-60-90 can be a lady a little over 50. A handsome guy Sergei with beefy muscles can turn out to be a pensioner with a beer belly. During a live conversation you can quickly figure out the catch. Video call in messenger put all the points, will help make the right decision regarding the planned meeting.

Conversations play an important role. They allow you to get to know the person better, ask about hobbies, dreams, prepare a memorable dating program, devoid of unpleasant moments.

Say No to Uncertainty

If the purpose of dating – to find a couple, you need to ask directly about the intentions of a potential suitor. Some users can correspond for years, confess in warm cases, but find all sorts of excuses to the proposal to meet. This indicates too low self-esteem, flaws in appearance, lack of desire to build a relationship with a single candidate.

The first date took place, and then the second, third … tenth, but the lover is in no hurry to go to the next level? This is an indicator of a non-serious attitude towards your partner. With him you need to talk frankly about further plans. Perhaps such a relationship is better to stop.

Keep a little intrigue.

In the initial stages of an online relationship, you cannot be completely frank with a person. Firstly, it is not yet known what his goals are. Secondly, knowing everything about the lover, the partner may quickly lose interest. Financial topics are prohibited. Do not talk about wealth. It is possible to answer provocative questions in a vague, but truthful way.

Any relationship should develop smoothly. Events should not overtake each other or drag on for years.