How to properly fill out your own profile on dating sites

Online dating has become the norm for modern people. Their success and the development of relationships depend on many factors. The main one is the first impression of the profile. Regardless of the purpose of dating, whether it is to find a soulmate or to establish business contacts, it is necessary to pay attention to filling out the account.

Top 5 secrets of attracting attention to your profile

On a subconscious level every person first of all pays attention to his or her appearance when getting acquainted. In a virtual environment, you can present yourself in the best way with a photo. Choosing the right one will by many times speed up the process of finding the right candidates.

Studies show that people looking for a couple prefer to write first if the potential acquaintance in the picture is smiling. A smile is associated with openness and cheerfulness. It increases the chances of success by at least 45%. About 12% of surveyed users of dating sites don’t take profiles with duck faces seriously at all.

It takes only a few seconds to look at a photo and decide on what to do next. Do not use a frame with strangers as your main photo. Such a decision has two huge disadvantages. A potential admirer will have to spend extra time trying to figure out the profile owner’s identity. Thousands of profiles are posted on popular dating sites. That is why accounts with group photos are often ignored. A prettier friend (girlfriend) in the picture automatically becomes a competitor.

Being natural is the key to success. In spite of the popularization of artificial beauty, modern users of dating sites are more interested in natural attractiveness. But a well-groomed appearance has not been canceled. Girls can post photos with low-bright makeup, clean hair, neat outfit. Allowed slight sloppiness, automatically emphasizing sexuality.

All profile photos must be of high quality. Getting them will not be difficult through a good smartphone camera. Darkened areas, glare, blurriness, traces of photoshop – that is what repels users of dating sites. Such defects suggest that the owner of the profile is trying to hide flaws or embellish himself.

There can never be too many photos. Different images, body positions, facial expressions contribute to a full assessment, increase confidence, reduce the risk of failure when dating in real life. It is advisable to place the most interesting photos inside the album. This will help fuel the interest of potential admirers in the subsequent meeting.

How to properly fill out a questionnaire on a dating site

Seeing an attractive person in the photo, only 10% of users immediately write to the candidate. The rest go first to study the information provided about themselves by the owner.

In addition to standard profile data (height, age, hair color, etc.), dating profiles can include brief information about yourself. There is no need to repeat oneself, to use clichés. The expression of a sense of humor, the publication of interesting quotes reflecting an individual view of life values, character is allowed. The right presentation can be a great stimulus to get to know each other. When writing a headline, it is advisable to avoid negativity.

Truthful information will contribute to the successful development of the relationship. You should not embellish your appearance, achievements or financial situation.

What to tell about yourself on a dating site

Out of hundreds of standard accounts, users pay attention to unique ones. A great photo and a catchy headline are half the battle. You need to tell what makes you different from other applicants. When writing your profile, you need to summarize your hobbies, habits, profession. This will help potential suitors find common ground and topics for communication.

To the narrative should be approached creatively, adding vivid emotions and fascinating details to your story. You can get ideas for writing stories by studying the top profiles on dating sites that have a large number of fans and high ratings.

It is important to remember that a dry statement of facts, vague phrases cause a quick loss of interest in a person from serious users in 50% of cases. Even bright pictures will not help to correct the situation.

Following simple guidelines can help you create a high-quality profile and increase your chances of meeting interesting people. Competently completed profile can dramatically change your life, overcome loneliness and boredom, help you find that one person, regardless of the distance separating you.