Interesting phrases and questions for dating on a dating site: the basic rules of the first dialogue

Dating on the Internet can develop into something more or stop before it has even begun. It depends on the design of the profile, the quality of the photos and, of course, on the first impression that is formed on the basis of the content of the correspondence. Banal phrases and standard questions are one of the main reasons for failure.

How to correspond for successful dating

Basic rules for building a “conversation” with a potential lover:

  • The rejection of mundane phrases. Unpredictability will interest much more than hackneyed expressions.
  • Literacy. The absence of gross errors, the correct construction of sentences give away the level of intelligence.
  • Involvement. The essence of the message should include the need to write a response.

To understand where and how to begin a dialogue on a dating site will not be difficult. The candidate questionnaire will come to the rescue. Here, hobbies must be specified and a photo is published. Some people share their worldview, life values, quote famous personalities. Any information can become the basis for writing a message.

Intriguing phrases with a moderate sense of humor “hook” users who are in search. For example, you can ask, “Would you like to trade your free time for a conversation with an interesting person?”

A slight provocation is welcome. Both the girl and the guy will certainly want to know what’s going on, if you write in a message: “I know things about you that no one else knows. The main thing is to come up with a witty response in your next message.

Obvious flattery is not a good dating tool, especially when it comes to appearance. People with serious intentions do not want to be valued for their beautiful eyes or other natural charms. They praise what they have worked for: “Great abs (biceps, forearms). What kind of training helped you achieve that result?”. A man who leads an active lifestyle, seriously engaged in sports, will certainly share his experience.

On dating sites, as in real life, many women are afraid to meet first. You can laugh at this by writing: “I’m tired of waiting! When are you going to make the first move?

Non-trivial phrases will distinguish you from the gray masses. The right way to start a dialogue can attract attention to a person whose profile didn’t make an impression at first glance.