Online Dating: Practical Advice from Experienced Psychologists

Public opinion affects our actions. Often exposed to verbal condemnation, outdated standards of morality, we lose the chance to change our destiny, find our own happiness, build a career, achieve some success, realize our hidden potential. Most people also have a judgmental attitude toward online dating. There is a stereotype that only losers, people with physical and psychological disabilities resort to this method of finding lovers. It is not difficult to dispel the myths. As an adequate, intelligent person who thinks about filling out a questionnaire on a dating site, it is logical to assume that thousands of the same people have similar intentions.

How to get acquainted correctly on the network: what psychologists say

The chance to meet a soul mate on a dating site is higher than in real life, as the virtual world erases geographical boundaries and allows to overcome shyness. To communicate brought only positive moments, you need to follow the advice of psychologists:

  1. Do not go along with the stereotypes. Skeptical attitude is capable of ruining the nascent relationship, will not give them a normal pace.
  2. Set a goal. You can get acquainted on the Internet for a variety of reasons – from finding friends to choosing a life partner, from organizing intimate meetings to doing business together. The intentions need to be clearly stated. Engage in correspondence only with those users who have no other expectations.
  3. Fill out your profile correctly. In your profile you need to indicate not only your gender, weight, and body parameters. It’s important to be truthful about your hobbies, habits, aspirations, tastes. Do not embellish the facts, use someone else’s photo. This is bound to pop up later in conversations.
  4. Do not idealize candidates. This is fraught with disappointment. Seeing an attractive person in the photo, many subconsciously give him the qualities that turn him into an ideal. There is no man without flaws. Someone throws socks, the other – snores, the third – tends to gossip, etc. If two people fit together, even serious flaws become insignificant.
  5. “Trust but verify.” The statement is relevant to Internet dating. Just like in real life, online there is also the risk of encountering unpleasant personalities, scammers, unhealthy people. This does not mean that all registered users on the site are not worthy of attention. Only lengthy communication and face-to-face meetings will shed light on the true state of affairs. Don’t get your hopes up for every applicant. You should treat dating as a new experience, an opportunity to have a good time with another person.